Help our children-What are we not doing?



If you drive through Hebert Macaulay Road Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, at every traffic light stop, your car will be surrounded by an army of children, some as young as 4 years old and not older than 10 years old trying to clean your car windshield in exchange for some Naira. A child begging on the streets is not something new, but the numbers have risen so high these days that you can’t help but notice that as this bad economic situation in Nigeria is affecting everyone, children are the most hit.

What are we not doing? As a government, we have failed to cater for any of the homeless and poor children in the country and left them at the mercy of the hazards of poverty and street living. Many will become pick pockets, some thieves, some drug addicts, but all of them will be denied the chance to be fed, to be cared for, to be educated, to learn a trade, to have a bright future. Those who survive the streets will become parents themselves and repeat the cycle abandoning their kids to ‘hustle’

What are we not doing? As men, when you have sex with a woman and you don’t bother to ask her if she’s using a contraceptive or buy a condom and use one on yourself, because you feel it’s ‘her’ responsibility. But it’s still your child, your sperm!! All these street kids have daddies, maybe one of their daddies is reading this article. That child so abandoned will have no chance to have the future you are chasing for yourself. #fightunfair

What are we not doing? As women, when we are afraid to insist he use a condom and you let him sweet talk you once again till you throw caution to the wind. wWhen the consequence is too much to bear, then you hide till you can’t hide again, then you decide and then no matter what you decide, you cry.

What are you not doing? ‘cos you know more about combining sexy with dancing, with teasing, with talking and nothing about combining sexy with contraceptives. Make a decision to change this today?  Every time you have sex without using any contraceptives, you’re a potential mother or father to a child beggar. Maybe their parents’  excuse is poverty, but if you’re able to read this then you’re not as poor and contraception is super affordable, so what’s your excuse?

Sex is not for making babies only, because being a parent is such a BIG deal. Learn about contraceptives here, and you can also ask questions here so you can be sexy and smart until you’re ready for a family or to have the number of kids your finances can care for. Every child should be wanted, every child should be intended, every child should be born awaiting love and care.

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