Staying Healthy At Christmas


My Dear Readers,

Apologies for the not so brief hiatus from blogging. I write with a pledge to keep the blogging train ever moving henceforth.
Now back to the ‘koko’. Christmas comes with lots of good things, there’s carols, ‘owambe’ parties, jollof rice, chicken, moin moin, salad, ‘minerals’ and turkey; but there’s also Santa harmattan, the triplets-Cough, Cold, Catarrh and their cousin conjunctivitis fondly called apollo; last but not least there’s diarrhoea.
Well peeps, be ye not discouraged, I’ve got a few tips to help you on your merry way.
1. Drink lotsa warm water. While some of you may have just turned up your noses , remember my advice when you try to pick your nose off the floor after intense sneezing or your nose is stuffed with solidified mucus.  Harmattan has a sinister nature offering you cold winds -a respite from the usual intense heat, then lacing its gift with dust. Even when the cool leaves, the dust remains. This dust settles in your eyes, nostrils, throat and even further down your respiratory tract thus giving birth to any of the triplets or their cousin. If per chance you’re already its unwilling captive, it’s not too late to HYDRATE! Warm Water will help your body system carry out some renovation, a natural pick you up. And it doesn’t cost shingbain (anything)!

2. Fruit thinz!!!: hey you,yes yes you! im not referring to a supermarket bought pack that says 1000% natural juice no additive, (naaa!) and i’m not talking about a tablet with 1000mg vitamin C, (no). I’m talking about good old fashioned nutrition from fruits especially the commonest fruit around-oranges. For the obedient reader, try to spice up your citrus with some pineapple, melons, bananas and lemons (make lemonade). Two results: EXTRA HYDRATION- great for your skin, hair scalp and eyes and the much sought after IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER.

3. Food hygiene: ‘Wash and Watch’ what you eat. With the avalanche of food available in this festive period, some of you tend to spend as much time in the toilet as in the dining. Wash your fruits, rinse your cutlery and my personal opinion-you can do without the straws at your local buka. The thing was dirty before harmattan, its worse now.

Watching what you eat, means eating moderately. Unless your stomach is lined with concrete, or you have a contract with the restroom, most bellies cant cope with the continuous stream of meats, chicken, oily soups, and lots of ‘swallows’ etc. Thanks to you, your body has no time for digestion (poor thing). So for some the end result is diarrhoea, for others, its persistent bloating and smelly gas. Save yourselves the trouble. Food no dey finish.

4. Dress the part. Put on appropriate apparel, a head scarf if you can work it. Light or heavy jackets as the cold may require, and a hanky for your nose and mouth when taking ‘okada’. If you’re asthmatic, and have no fashion issues to worry about, a regular nose mask is not a bad idea. It goes without saying that this is the worst weather for people already managing respiratory issues.  Dust and other particles can be awful asthma triggers, add your inhaler and medication to your hand bag or wallet, you could save a life- your life!!!

Ps. On the ‘plus’ side, malaria is less frequent. Mosquitoes don’t dig colder weather. Its just not their thing! 
SEASONS GREETINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Pharm. Reny.


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