Some important things you may or may not have known about Salt!


Way back in the past, Salt was such a prized commodity that it was traded ounce for ounce for gold (seriously? times have changed ooo). It was quite difficult to produce but so valuable (this was before-discovering-simple-separation-techniques-era) and inspired revolutions and big disputes (Human beings ehn?). So back to my write up. In these modern times, salt consumption has increased and some health risks have become associated with it. Too much or too little salt/sodium in your diet can affect the nervous system and lead to muscle cramps from electrolyte disturbance and can even lead to death.

Recommended daily intake of salt 4000mg/day or 1600mg of Sodium per day.

Important Uses of Salt
1. It is good for cooking, to improve taste. (lol sometimes it doesn’t hurt to state the obvious)

2. It can be used to preserve food such as meat, fish etc because it prevents some common bacteria from flourishing, and used to be the most reliable way after drying of keeping food from one harvest season to another before freezers and canning etc.

3. Salt makes up an important part of our body fluids, but our body has to work hard to keep it in normal quantities through a body balancing system called homoeostasis. You can upset this system by consuming more salt than necessary or when you suffer from diarrhoea and lose salt and other minerals.4. It can be used to disinfect minor wounds in emergency situations where no alternative is available.5. It does not kill any known virus and fungi and can only halt bacterial proliferation (growth) not actually kill it. In fact, if you transfer the same weakened bacteria to a favourable non-salty environment, it will usually start growing again.

6. It can be bad for your blood pressure. If you’re even moderately hypertensive consuming more salt will cause harm. It’s a necessary part of non-drug therapy for anyone managing their blood pressure to have a low salt(not no salt) diet. High blood pressure causes, strokes, heart attacks and heart failures, which are some of the most common causes of death around the world.

7. It can be used to prepare home-made exfoliating creams for that scrubbing effect.

8. Its good for your dental hygiene. Especially very useful as a mouth wash for removing that stubborn piece of meat that has refused to disengage itself from your tooth and as a gargle for sore throat or small oral wounds.

Now if you still want to know more about salt’s other domestic uses. Click this link (Salt uses and tips) to go to a website dedicated to the glories of salt (seriously!?.$%)