Sex & Emergency Contraceptives.


Dear reader, let’s talk about sex.

This blog post is not about the rightness or wrongness or the pleasures or sorrows of sex. No, this is a delightful and educating article about having sex and using Emergency Contraceptives (EC). Let me tell you a story: Charles Adebayo is 23years old, a  Final year engineering student at a federal university, now, meet his girlfriend of 3 years, Catherine Adebisi, 20 years old, 3rd year student, pretty, smart (1st class in the offing) and at the same university. People called them ‘The Double ‘C’s’.
Now one wild weekend, this in-love couple did the bouncy thing and wandered into uncharted waters i.e. they had unprotected sex. Most steady-not ready couples like to believe that catching STDs off one another is the least of their worries while not getting pregnant is CHIEF worry no 1, therefore as is their practice, Cathy took Postinor 2 -a brand of EC.
However, one month later, after missing her period, a tearful Cathy is staring at a test strip that says that there’s a baby Charles Adebayo blossoming in her inner garden. Now, Catherine and Charles come to me asking to know what went wrong. Charles’ Hypothesis-‘we used a fake drug’. Cathy thinks it’s unlikely- cos they bought it from the same source as usual and it happens to be a reputable pharmacy’.
This is where I come in, Pharm. Reny at your service willing to help in solving this mystery.
I ask: “how many bouts (rounds if you please) of free diving intercourse did you two have that fateful day?”
Charles smiles and says: “day? not just a day, it was a really long weekend.”
I ask: “How did you take the EC drugs Cathy?”
Catherine answers: “I took one tablet on Friday night and the other tablet I took on Saturday night.”
I ask: where you on any other drugs at the time?
Catherine answers: I was on Griseofulvin tablets for the fungal infection on one of my toes”
Well now dear readers, I have some key clues that I need to determine how Cathy got the cream.
Emergency contraceptives are medicines that work after sex but before pregnancy, mainly by delaying ovulation (when the egg is released). If the egg doesn’t come out to meet the sperm, there will be no pregnancy. Sometimes the egg is already out but it might also make the mucus in a woman’s cervix too thick for sperm to swim easily through it. So, if YOU, like Cathy and Charles, have ever had to face the consequences of a failed emergency contraceptive, or you didn’t use one at all, then allow me highlight what went wrong and teach you the 1, 2, 3 and 4’s of using an emergency contraceptive.
Tip 1: For emergency contraceptives, the dose is to be taken as soon as
after intercourse and not later than 120 hours(5 days) after because Its
effectiveness reduces with every ticking second. Also, because Cathy took the second pill more than 16 hours after the first pill, this has reduced the efficacy. W.H.O. advices that spacing the pills is no longer necessary, so you should either take the two pills at once or use a pack that contains only one pill eg. POSTPILL (strike 1 for Cathy and Charles )
Tip 2: Tell your pharmacist about drugs you’re currently using. Some drugs like Griseofulvin-an antifungal medicine can interact with your EC and can increase the rate at which you excrete the contraceptive from your body. This prevents the drug from producing desired results. (strke 2 for Cathy and Charles)
Tip 3: An Emergency Contraceptive  is suitable for use after the session(s) of unprotected intercourse that you had within 24 hours and is not very helpful after a marathon 3-day weekend episode like our Cathy and Charles have done, because the fresh sperm on day 3 will still be waiting for the egg that the emergency pill delayed. Therefore, it is expected by the manufacturers and all
concerned parties (parents, friends, neighbours and even frenermies,) that you use a condom (barrier method of
contraception) after
the first 24 hours of sex and using your emergency contraceptive. (That’s strike 3 for Cathy and Charles). 
Tip 4: Start using regular contraceptives! imagine if you had an accident and they rush you to the ER ward, will you go back to the road and have another accident? What are the chances that the next accident will not kill you? This is similar to when you have sex without a condom every day and keep using emergency pills frequently. While it won’t kill or harm you, there’s a very high chance that one day, you’ll get pregnant. Therefore, the best way to continue to prevent pregnancy is to use a regular method.Regular contraceptive methods:
If you start pills like Levofem, or an injection like Sayana Press or go to the clinic for an IUD or Implant right after taking your EC, it will guarantee that you are covered every time. This is a smarter way to live your sex life than doing emergency contraceptives every time. Most contraceptives have over 90% chance of preventing pregnancy while EC only has 50-85% chance (Not using any contraceptives will give you zero% chance). So dear reader, be smart, use a condom or start using a regular contraceptive.
If you need help choosing one or have questions about side effects- ask me.
In conclusion, if you take tips 1, 2 , 3 and 4 to heart and to practice, you can avoid ending up in Cathy and Charles’
shoes, and avoid doing an abortion or starting a family when you’re far from ready.
Share your experience with me and drop a comment below.

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