Questions from a young woman about sex


In the course of writing on this blog, I get a lot of questions especially about contraceptives and sometimes they’re quite similar. I’ve decided to publish (as anonymous) one of the most popular questions and hope it meets the need of a young woman out there struggling with questions around her sexuality and needs answers that can protect her future.


Good morning


>> I read your blog about pregnancy and how best to prevent it, am really impressed and educated at the same time, please I will like to know the possible drugs to take to prevent pregnancy?


>> Another question I want to ask is that if your partner does not release in a woman, can she still get pregnant? Can taking ampicillin (or ampiclox) few hours after sex prevent this?


>> Thanks in anticipation on your reply soon.


Dear Reader,

>> I’m happy to know my articles have been of help to you so make sure you share the link with your friends. Three answers for you:

>> 1. If a man doesn’t ejaculate or release, it doesn’t mean some sperm did not already drip into you and there’s over a million sperm inside one drop. Sometimes if a man has not had sex for a while (about 72 hours or more), even the small liquid at the tip of his penis before he ejaculates, can already contain good sperm. So it’s possible you could still get pregnant.


>> 2. Ampicillin is an antibiotic that kills bacteria. It does not kill sperm, so taking it after sex won’t be of any help to you. Visit a pharmacy near you and ask  for a medicine called ‘ Postpill‘  or if they don’t have it, ask for another brand of ’emergency contraceptive pill’. This is the only available pill or tablet that can prevent pregnancy AFTER SEX.

>> 3. The best way to prevent pregnancy is BEFORE sex, (Instead of relying on medicines after sex). This is because ‘before sex’ options are more effective and reliable.

>> A. The pill eg. Levofem, this method requires you to take one tablet every day. Each tablet contains very tiny amount of hormones so it’s very gentle on your body.
>> B. The contraceptive injection e.g. Sayana Press, is taken once every 3months and that means you’ll need only 4 shots to be covered for the year. It also comes with a really small needle and is injected into your skin, so it’s not as painful as other injections.

>> C. These are the options that you can only get in a hospital:

>> C1. implants, which is a small rod inserted under the skin of your arm or

>> C2. IUD, which is another small object placed inside your womb.

>> The main difference is that the implant contains hormones, while the IUD does not. Both methods can work for 5 to 10 years.

>> D. The condom, this is the only method that can prevent both pregnancy and diseases, so always have one handy if you have more than one partner or you have not done HIV test with your partner or you are not sure if your man is faithful.

>> If you tell me which method you would like to use, I can also help answer your questions about it.

>> Regards,>> Pharm. Reny.


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