Make a resolution to take care of you

Future Pic of Me (on the left at 60)

Finding time to exercise is not easy, but it’s a resolve we all must make. It’s unfortunate that many young adults who cannot find minutes to exercise will eventually spend hours in the hospital waiting to see a doctor when they’re much older due to weight-related issues. It’s a sad irony that the more God blesses you with money to buy all the things you desire, the less you are likely to take care of you.

Last month, I started exercising again. Prior to this, the last time i exercised regularly (i.e. every Saturday morning before 7am, jogging around a field or indoor aerobics) was 30 months ago. The first time last month, was painful, joints aching, my muscles seemed pissed at me but I expected the pain, and knew it would be over in a week at most.

Being overweight is a high risk factor across almost every popular modern disease, from hypertension, to diabetes, to depression to stroke and even cancer, so staying fit is worth the sacrifice. Everyday it takes me 30 minutes to complete the route i mapped out, just 30 minutes from when i step out of my gate to when i return home. 30 minutes out of 24 hours that can ensure I stay fit well into middle age.

I’m slim already, I don’t need to exercise
Exercising is not only about losing weight. Getting your heart pumping in a good way and keeping your muscles fluid is just as important. There’s this male dancer in the song ‘all about the base’, while he’s definitely not slim, he’s ┬ádefinitely in good shape. I can also bet you that there are many slim men and women who cannot run 200 metres without panting like their hearts want to jump out of their chest. 30 months ago, I used to be one of those (yippee).

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