Shy or Embarrassed? Just ask me, I don’t bite.


Hi everyone,

So I was chatting with some undergrads recently about what they did to prevent pregnancy. Here’s what they told me…(not their real names)
Kemi says if she quickly urinates after sex, she won’t get pregnant. Tolu says she hasn’t tried it yet, but she heard that drinking hot gin and alabukun works. Chinenye says that taking two tablets of Beecham works for her, well ¬†except that one time…while Patricia says staying ‘on top’ is the best way to prevent pregnancy so the sperm can fall out.
I was really (not) sorry to break the news to all of them that noooone of those tricks actually work.

There are many young women like Chinenye, who have learnt the ‘hard way’ that a lot of these tricks don’t work, but many of you don’t know who to ask that will not give them a holy lecture or give them wrong gist and just leave them more confused than before. See that’s where I come in, I’m uber passionate about talking to men and women about their sex life and why getting pregnant when you’re not ready should not be your portion. For women, this trend of becoming someone’s baby mama has to stop, you deserve more than that, your baby deserves more too, a dad who cares and a a family to grow up in.I know many people find this hard to believe, but in my experience, it’s not only single ladies that end up with unwanted pregnancies, there are oh so many married ladies that have had one, two, three four unwanted pregnancies and have gotten just as many abortions. The solution is simple, if you must have sex for the fun of it, (Yes! news flash! men and women want to have sex for fun and not just for making babies) then use contraceptives and avoid all the drama of praying for your period to come or looking for where to get rid of the result or taking the ‘noble’ road and becoming an ‘unwed mom’ or ‘baby daddy’.

So back to my clarion call, I’m your solution, just ask me what to do, i don’t bite. I’m not gonna lecture, I think there’s plenty of lecturing going around already, so you will get lectured more often than you will be able to find someone with the knowledge to help you play safe and smart. So Just ask me!!! email: