How to practice good vaginal health


There are a couple of things you can do to promote a happy, healthy vagina; here are a few key tips below:

  • Practice safe, clean sex. Always wear a condom with new sexual partners and get tested before you decide to stop using a condom with your old partner. Also, make sure you wash any sex toys before and after use (it’s also very important you don’t share these with anyone else).
  • Urinating helps: Many women still don’t know that they don’t pee and have sex from the same outlet (the vagina). Urine is usually a very clean body fluid but it’s good to empty your bladder before sex and also a good to try and urinate within the hour after you’ve had sex, to flush out any bacteria hanging around the urethra (since the vaginal opening and urethra opening are so close to each other).
  • Don’t douche or use invasive methods when cleaning your vagina. Your vagina is actually pretty good at cleaning itself, and introducing irritating products can upset the complex bacterial interactions which keep your pH level consistent. Anything too invasive also carries the risk of pushing an infection further up your reproductive machinery.
  • Take STI tests regularly. This is particularly important if you have had several sexual partners or have ever had unprotected sex. For advice on STI testing, contact us
  • Consider getting the HPV vaccine. This is available for all sexually active women and given as prevention for girls under the age of 18. This vaccine can protect you against the STI that causes genital warts and this vaccine will also protect you against cervical cancer.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that hold in heat and moisture. Leggings, tights and gym gear can create the perfect environment for yeast infections. Non-breathable tight fabrics such as nylon are prime culprits for this, so cotton underwear may be preferable.
  • Avoid using strong detergents and soaps. Strongly perfumed bathing products and deodorants can cause irritation to your vaginal area. Also be conscious of the strength of the detergent you’re using to wash your underwear with. While it might be embarrassing to hang your panties outside in the sun, sun-drying your underwear also helps keep them fresh and gets the excess cleaning agents out.
  • Be aware of side effects of prescribed antibiotics. The chemical changes involved in taking antibiotics can affect the bacterial balance of your vagina, increasing your chances of developing problems like thrush. Only use antibiotics for the prescribed period of time and eat a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables while treating.
That’s it Miss sunshine, that’s how to have a vagina that sings like Mary Poppins all the time.

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