Hiding My Pills (Anita’s story)



Hello, I’m Anita (not real name) and here’s my  family planning pills story:

“I got married early and by the time I was 24, I already had 4 kids, (3 boys and a girl) . My husband promised i would go back to school later, but I don’t even have the mind for school again. When I got married,  I told myself, I wanted to do “quick-quick and born all of them” and go to university, but after 4 children came, I have become tired. My husband doesn’t help with picking children from school or their homework or even settling their fights. He just watches his TV, chats on his phone and then comes to bed to ‘sex’ me. I’m not complaining, I know he’s a good man, and provides for his family,but he feels the children is women’s work and i should stop complaining.

When I became pregnant again, I knew I was in hot soup, I just couldn’t take it again. My husband was happy; he says his late mother had 9 children that 5 children ‘sef’ is small. I never met his mother, but something tells me she was as unhappy as I am.

After my 5th baby:

I asked the nurse quietly after all the visitors had gone. “what can I do?” and then I just started to cry. She did not hesitate to explain different contraceptive options to me, said she had been watching me. Why watching me? She says she doesn’t want to interfere with my family. (See this woman, and she delivered all my 5 children!) I burst into fresh tears and cried till she was begging me to stop. When I left the hospital, I was armed with my solution as per my nurse’ advice. Once my baby was 6 weeks old, I started using the mini-pill, I take one everyday in the morning when I wake up. There are other types I can use, that I won’t even have to hide, but I want to try these pills first, then the maybe the injection next time

Keeping my secret

When my husband saw me taking my pills, I told him that the doctor says I have ulcer. So I asked the chemist near my house for an empty bottle of ulcer medicine and I put my contraceptive pills  there. My husband never suspects. This is my precious secret and I will protect it till I am old and can’t ‘born’ again. I think I will run mad, if I get pregnant again. This is the only way to save myself, I cannot die and allow another woman to raise my kids for me and let my rich husband use the opportunity to marry a younger woman.


What do you think about Anita’s secret? Should she tell her husband? Are you hiding a similar secret?  Drop your comment or send an email to pharmacistreny@gmail.com


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