Gal talk: Learn about ovulation


You were thought the simple rule, “if a boy touches you, you’ll get pregnant” . It wasn’t more complicated than that. The resulting effect of this simple rule, was you drawing sharia lines on your seats with white chalk if a boy happened to be your seat mate and reporting to ‘auntie’ everytime James (in my case Ola) crossed his buttocks to your side of the Chinese wall.

Fast forward a few more years, you realise, perhaps you gave James way too much credit, maybe touching was not enough, maybe some kisses would spice up the deal and then you discover that word called ‘penetration’, ha! So there’s more.
Fast forward a bit more, you’re trying for a baby, he hasn’t scored, then you realise that maybe locking genitals whenever you need sexual healing was not enough, maybe there’s a timing to it. Ha! There is? Yes, So let’s talk about ovulation. 


Did you know that there’s a right time to get pregnant? Ovulation is that time when your egg begins to make that predictable journey out of your poultry farm (called your ovaries) to the train station (called the fallopian tube) where it will try to pick up a random sperm and have an intense make-out session with it. Now this stroll down the milky way happens just once a month (give or take a few days) and if there’s no waiting sperm or soon to arrive sperm, then, your egg has to take the bloody path out of your body, commonly called ‘menstruation’.
So how can you tell when it’s the right time? Most of the time, your body gives you clues, but you’re probably too busy to notice. It may be a sharp pain on one side of your abdomen (called ovulation pain), or it’s that clear really sticky whitish gel that coats your panties, or your breasts are swollen more than usual. Now if you are gonna be really scientific about it, then you’ll find your body temperature also goes up a notch and a test kit can even detect some changes in your v-fluids, so you can go the extra mile to  buy an ovulation kit to check.

Counting your ovulation days
A simple way to count is to know that your ovulation day is usually halfway through your menstrual cycle. Many women don’t know how to count their menstrual cycle; you should count your menstrual cycle starting from the first day of your last period to the first day of your next period. Meaning if you do 28 days, then your ovulation ‘birthday’ is around day 14, or if you’re a 32 days menstrual cycle woman, then around day 16. To keep it simple, you can get pregnant usually one week after your period ends and up to one week before another period begins.
So if getting pregnant’s the plan, why not throw some strategy in! and mark some days on your calendar as ‘busybabymaking #bbm’.