Hot Tips for Dealing with Relationship Envy


Question: I’m just coming out of a bad relationship, and before that I was single for close to 4 years. Now, I feel an attack of relationship envy every time I’m on social media and come across pre-wedding photos and cute couple photos. How do I get over being single and deal with relationship envy?

relationship envy

If you are coming out of another bad relationship, or you’ve been single and searching for so long, you can’t remember what having a boyfriend or girlfriend feels like, then it’s normal to feel an attack of relationship envy. I know right now you either want to cry or you just feel depressed about all of it but what you don’t realize is many couples miss being single about as much as you wish you were a couple.

Here are some surprising benefits of being single:

1. It’s an opportunity to understand yourself and what else makes you happy:

Many people miss this golden time for self-discovery, wasting it pining after a partner. Unfortunately, if you do not achieve self-identity while single, you are more likely to lose any record of yourself once you find a partner and simply become whoever your partner wants you to be-an emotional chameleon. I’m sure you have that friend that has even changed their favorite food, colour and hairstyle since he/she got engaged? Well that could be you if you’re not careful.

2. There are more single people than people in relationships and married couples.

Don’t let social media deceive you, the unattached population is the majority and there is a continuously growing pool of people who are in the same boat as you, so don’t ever think you’re alone. There’s nothing single about being single

3. You actually sleep better

relationship envyMore than 50% of couples complain about inadequate sleep, partners who snore or mutter and many other problems you don’t have to deal with just by enjoying your single life. We all know rest is important, which is why when you take down the photo shopped images, a lot of couples aren’t getting much beauty sleep and their skin tells the story.

4. You have time for friendships

You can hangout as often as you like, you don’t have to avoid friend A, because your partner doesn’t like how friend A laughs or any other nonsense reason couples give each other for controlling their partner’s lives. Many couples have to depend on each other for decisions, schedule their spare time together and this eats into any friend time they could possibly have. It’s no surprise that you find coupled friends slowly drifting away.

5. Many single people do better at work and study:

Not worrying about relationship drama can mean more progress at work and study. Many men and women have seen their GPAs go from solid to wobbly and many women find out that they were able to progress faster in their careers during their single days and it’s the momentum they gained in that period, that they are enjoying now that they are coupled. So don’t ‘dull yourself’, change your focus to making more money, or getting better grades, read at night and work later hours if you have to. Now that you don’t have any people strings tying you up, enjoy it, so you can reap the benefits when you do.

In conclusion:

Celebrate your single life on social media and give relationship people some single envy. Enjoying this time of your life will make it much easier to find a partner than when you re unhappy and depressed. Who envy epp? By taking life one enjoyable day at a time, who knows maybe this time next year, you will be re-reading this article after a romantic dinner out or eating breakfast in bed.

Have you experienced this before? How did you cope?


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