Condom wearing tips and tricks

One thing I’ve learnt over time is not to assume everyone knows something. When I wanted to post this I kept thinking, the over sabi clique will come and comment Duh!! we knew that. Then I said to myself, I write not for the knowledgeable, I write that they who do not know might cross over to the other side. (not so far)

┬áHere are some practices that can derease the risk that your condom will break or not do it’s job:

*Check the expiry date on the condom before you use it.

*Do not unroll the condom first and then try to put it on the penis. You are supposed to roll it down the penis*Foreplay is one thing, but always remember to put the condom on before the penis makes any contact with the vagina, mouth or anus, no partial entry is allowed.*Do not use your condom twice, I’m not even sure how people do stuff like that, Do you pour the semen out and use it again? No No No…Condoms are as now as cheap as bubble gum, so please no money saving is allowed here.

*Do not lubricate with any oily substance, this can damage the condom and make holes in it and FYI good condom brands like Fiesta Condom are already well lubricated. The lubricant on your condom is different from the vaseline and vegetable oil you are trying to use, so it won’t be good on the condom.*Any condom you buy that is dry or not oily, please throw away.*Do not have dry sex, this makes sex painful and using lubricants is the only way to address this problem.

*Do not use the same condom when switching from anal to vaginal sex…mbaaa, biko I am pleading. STOP with a capital S. This will transfer infections from the anus to the honey well, meanwhile the poor lady is afraid to tell you and she’s treating the infection in secret thinking its her fault when your navigation skills from her anus to vagina is what is responsible.
Remember to always use a condom, don’t continue to insist on feeling the real thing….because the real thing is only worth it when there’s 100% faithfulness between you and your partner. But if you suspect that your boo might have a boo, (lol) then you better use a condom.
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