Does sex make women gain weight?

Remember Yemisi on your street, that one that was 'lepa' before, but ever since the boys started to visit her ministry, you noticed that...

Childbirth- 3 important ways to avoid problems

Recently, I read this heart wrenching article on punch newspaper about a man who lost wife and new born during childbirth to an avoidable...

Contraceptive Pills: The easy way to avoid surprises

Chioma and Steve are getting married in 1(one) months' time and they don't want to get pregnant until at least 3 months after their...

Bare or Bush

  “Most times I write about embarrassing stuff, but If I don't write about them, who will?"  Today's word from my health pulpit is Bare or Bush. I'm referring to removing (BARE) or...

Trying To Conceive-female infertility

 FEMALE INFERTILITY Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after a year of unprotected intercourse. About 10% of couples are affected by infertility. Both men...

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