Can sex make you lose weight?


Sex as a workout strategy? Wow, who would not love the idea? Just think about it: have fun in bed, have orgasm with it, burn some calories along the way too and when you get up, you are in great shape, flat tummy and toned thighs, all at no extra effort. Won’t that be amazing? It sure would. But is it possible? Well let’s find out.


Sex and weight loss:How much calories can you burn during sex?

You actually burn some calories while having sex. This is no myth as it is a well-known fact that you expend energy while bumping and grinding. The average figure estimated by sexperts is 100 calories for 30 minutes of passionate sex.  If you are having enough sex, those calories could really add up.

For you to lose 2kg of body weight, you need to burn up to 3,500 calories. Now if you were burning 100 calories for each time you had sex, it would mean you would have to make love 35 times to lose 2kg. That sounds great but could you or do you reach that number per week? If sex is your life or profession and you have it as many as 5 times per day, maybe you could but that’s highly unlikely, right?!

How long do you think you have sex?

A major thing here is, so many people are not actually having sex for up to 30 minutes, and they are equally not having it as often as 5 times daily. It is said that the biggest increase in blood pressure and heart rate while having sex occurs for about 15 seconds during orgasm, after which everything returns to normal quickly.

Also, you do not probably work as hard as you think you do while having sex, except you are back-flipping or running like a race horse in the process (and I don’t know how that will work, doesn’t sound awesome and passionate to me). The amount of stress on the heart of young married men during sex, according to some studies, is just about what you get when you walk up two flights of stairs. Your heart rate rarely increases above 130 so this is considered to be moderate to mild physical activity.

sex weight lossWhat this simply means is:

You are obviously doing something, but it is not enough for it to be counted as a real exercise. Now if you are not physically fit or you are older and have to work a lot harder to have an orgasm, sex for you, may be a bit more strenuous. But even that won’t do as much as it is advertised.

Unless you are having sex with such ‘vigorous vigor’ and for much longer (and maybe even as often as five times daily), you will probably not get anywhere near the amount of exercise recommended. If you assume you will be able to achieve this by having fun between the sheets, by all means go for it. Most people don’t get enough or do enough to reap the benefit of this ‘great exercise’.

There are those who say that certain positions that feel like an adults-only game of Twister will help you actually boost your calories burning rate. That may be true but we do not yet have proven facts totally backed by science, you can always experiment and let us know in the comments section.

Sex and weight loss: Sex is not entirely useless when it comes to weight loss.

Sex has its own round about way of helping your weight loss plans.  Here it is: sex does curb you fat and sugar cravings. How? The high-anxiety hormone, cortisol, that most people respond to by eating some more can be kept in check by having regular sex. Now this sounds good because with so much cortisol in your system, your appetite for high carb, high fat foods will be boosted and your body will have to store the excess calories around your midsection.

A romp on the kitchen table can turn your cravings lust around by short-circuiting the cortisol’s effect. How? Sex is known to relax you and even when everything around you is turning upside down, the after effect of sex (especially) does calm your blood pressure. So instead of an unstoppable craving for fried chicken possessing you, you remain very serene. The stress relieving effect of Sex can help you keep to your diet plan, but the chances of losing noticeable weight through sex, is easier imagined than done.

Have you successfully used sex to exercise? You can share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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