Project Foresight


Project Foresight, is an NGO focused on providing medicines & health education to women and children living in poor or densely populated communities in Nigeria. The Project Foresight team is made up of like-minded professionals and runs their projects with support from an amazing group of volunteers. This NGO was founded by Pharm. Morenike Ashade, in January 2015 as a means to improve the well-being of all in Nigeria and they are currently based in Lagos.


Project Foresight provides information and services that help to prevent avoidable health problems. It is said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, therefore we envisage a future where People, especially women and children do not die because of diseases that could be easily prevented with vaccines, easy to access medicines or at times simply knowledge. Our team wishes to share the foresight needed to place the next man, woman or child on the road to healthy living.



To carry out series of projects targeted at utilizing preventive measures to improve the health and well-being of our children, women and youth. Examples of some of our activities are shown below

Health Talk/ Seminar
A 15-minute seminar for the adults which would
address the issue of malnutrition, infection by parasitic worms and it’s impact on their children’s
Basic Health Check
Intended for all accompanying adults to know their health status.
De-worming Exercise
Intended for all Children present and
multivitamins are also given to parents of children with most need.


DO YOU WANT TO JOIN US?    Then there are three ways:

1.    Be a volunteer: Join the team and get busy doing something good. Both Medical and non-medical type  persons are equally welcome.
2.   By Donating Items-Send us Medicines, BP monitors, Weighing scales, Projectors, etc.
3.   By Donating Money-  To support the execution of our programs why not lend your money to a truly good cause.
Ready, then simply contact us via E-mail: 

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