About Us

Dear Reader,

This website was created to educate everyone but especially young people on various health topics

www.pharmacistreny.com is a unique health website that functions like an online magazine for reliable personal health knowledge tailored to the needs of Nigerians. As our niche, we address sexual and reproductive health issues that affect men, women and youth and are often under discussed and left untreated.

www.pharmacistreny.com has been a go-to-source for all things related to creating awareness for a healthier sex life. We have set out to stand out as a thought leader in everything related to relationships and sexual health. Our strategy, is keep it simple and easy to understand, and we have been able to reach out to many people as much as we can by talking about topics they won’t normally talk about but want solutions to.

Our Audience:

  • Basically everyone who knows how to use the internet; for everyone who wants to know more about how to have a healthier sex life, wants to understand their body better or know the best remedies to some reproductive health issues.
  • While we cater to a very young audience (15-25), our reader demographic shows we have been able to reach people from 15-35 years.


  • To Enlighten: to create awareness and help people understand the different things that could improve or endanger their sexual health
  • To Educate: to provide different easy ways to go about solving their sexual health problems, to answer questions people have in a private and confidential manner.
  • To Motivate: to encourage people by providing articles on how they can lead a healthier sexual lifestyle, to help people enjoy sex better and be more comfortable with their sexuality. Using our easy-to read style of writing, we ensure that every one that reads our articles is able to educate a friend about the topic.
  • Questions, Answers & Referrals: At Pharmacist Reny, we have a rich team of health professionals who are able to answer health questions sent in by any of the over 20,000 visitors to our site and we also have a subscriber database of over 1000 e-mail addresses to whom we send weekly newsletters to.

In case you’ve got questions or want us to write on a health issue that bothers you, just fill the contact form here. It would be our pleasure.